How To Start Arting With Watercolor Pencils! – Tutorial

Hello Again! I hope you are well and enjoying the start of 2020!! Whooo
Today I would like to share with you a new tutorial video specially for those of you who want to start arting for the first time.

I started my art journey in 2012 when I bought a tin of watercolor pencils and a pad of paper, my creative outlets at that time were video, creating visuals for concerts and events as well as producing short videos for TV companies etc.

I wanted to expand my creative vocabulary and learn to paint and draw, watercolor pencils seemed the easiest way to start and I want to show how you too can start a colourful art journey with a handful of pencils and some paper.

Today we will be painting my Kudu antelope design which I have linked below the video.
Please feel free to save this and print it for colouring with watercolor pencils.

In the video I will show you how to get started.

If you would like to share your creations please feel free to join the facebook group here

and upload your first paintings! It’s soooo exciting!

watercolor pencil kudu tutorial joanne seale

Kudu eanteliope coloring colouring page design joanne seale

watercolor pencil kudu tutorial joanne seale

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