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Catch-up time! :)

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted photos and a catch-up!
The first photo (clockwise from the top left) is one from my morning walks, I walk from Charing Cross Station on The Strand to Gray’s Inn Road most mornings and/or evenings and try to snap a few details on my iPhone along the way.
It’s a beautiful walk with loads of historic buildings and artefacts scattered amongst various back streets and squares.
The magnificent arched doorway with emblems above it was in Chancery Lane, one of the oldest parts of London, originally created by the Knights Templar it is now more associated with the legal profession.

I visited Hastings over the weekend and cycled from there to Pevensey Bay and back, around 25 miles along the coast and through pretty fields.
Hastings was lovely! it had real charm and seemed to be filled with people dressed up as pirates!
I snapped a the very beautiful building that was once a music hall whilst cycling along the promenade.
The beach shot was taken looking down the coast past St Leonards to Hastings on what turned out to a beautiful sunny day. Both areas are associated with the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066 but are now seaside holiday areas.
I’m thinking of going back again soon to investigate further and take more photos with my DSLR.

I snapped the angel statue whilst walking past a pub near Grays Inn Gardens, I thought it was very beautiful.

Other than that I have been painting away, planning some paper crafting makes, reading the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare (Love it!) and playing a bit of Saints Row IV.

I should have a new painting fast forward to be published soon, of a little fairy fawn.
Here is a work in progress :)

work in progress

bye for now

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Reculver cycle ride on the Kent coast

Hi all, I went on an amazing cycle ride yesterday along the Kent coast from Margate to Reculver in order to capture some images of the amazing medieval ruins there.

I brought my DSLR and camcorder with me,  the DSLR was fitted with an infrared filter which allowed me to capture the atmospheric shots below.

reculver kent joanne seale photography

Colour IR

reculver kent joanne seale photography

An amazing sky and landscape

reculver kent joanne seale photography

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Hi there, I’ve been recovering from a very bad cold/flu on my week off when I had planned to go on some day trips…

Anyhow.. I managed to go for a walk in the local woods and found this little fairy house which had been built into a tree.. :)

fairy house joanne seale

How cute.

I’ve also managed to finish a few Life book lessons which I combined into one painting, the lessons involved using text, metallic paint and a vessel to hold our favorite things.. and right now a nice cup of tea is just what I want.

a nice cuppa tea painting joanne seale

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Morning walk, building and numbers

I had no idea what these numbers represented when I walked past this building.

somerset house joanne seale

But have discovered that it’s a Gavin Turk installation representing the world population.

Here is a Throwback Thursday! I took this picture a few years ago, it’s a Tuscan Cabbage plant in my garden :)

Tuscan cabbage photograph joanne seale

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Morning walk – The great fire of London

It was a fair spring morning and although I was super tired from staying up late re-playing Mass Effect 2 :) I enjoyed the bustle of London and fresh feel of the streets.

I managed to snap this doorway to a very old building on the Strand, which was the only one in the area to survive the great fire of London. It’s now a pub and at some point I’ll try to photograph the interior :)

Great fire of london joanne seale

Here is also a look inside my Smash book, where I keep things that I have created and don’t want to throw away.. It’s also a journal and scrap book.

smash book joanne seale

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Morning walk

I managed to capture this delightful doorway on my walk this morning, it’s amazing what you can see in London if you just look up, lots of decorative features and details. It makes me wonder about the artists and crafts people who created such beautiful things…

doorway photo joanne seale

Here is a corner of my house where I’ve put some of my artwork on display :)

Joanne seale art paintings

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Morning walk etc

This morning was warm and sunny with a definite feel of spring in the air! I did my morning walk to the sound of City of Glass (Mortal Instruments book 3) on my audible iPhone app, I think this book is my fave in the series, I had a pre-listen to book 4 ‘City of Fallen Angels’ but didn’t like the narrator’s voice so will be reading that one on Kindle. Here is this mornings photo. Fountain court photo joanne seale I love the filters on my iPhone, (Photoshop express and instagram) they make everything zing, I think I now prefer this camera to my DSLR… And here is a painting background I made a while ago and still can’t bring myself to paint over.. Painting background joanne seale

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