New Painting** I Am Whole

This painting started out as a Life Book lesson on Frida Kahlo, but it sort of went in its own direction. I will be aking a video to explain this painting in more detail in the next few days.

New Painting * Rise From the Ashes

Hello everyone, I finished another Life Book inspired painting which I’ve named ‘From the Ashes’. I painted it to explore the situations we can sometimes find ourselves in, when going through a hard time in life, we can feel destroyed, burnt to the ground in a pile of ash on the floor. I wanted this…

Life Book 2017 painting – Finding Peace

I finished another life book lesson! This painting represents finding peace within a busy urban environment, as some of you may know in 2015 I experienced a huge change in the peacefulness of my area when a concentrated flight path for Heathrow Airport was diverted to over my home with no warning!!! I am moving!!

New Painting – Life Book 2017

Hello everyone, it feels like ages since I’ve posted a painting here, so I have a lot of catching up to do and will be sharing some of my sketches and art journal work over the coming weeks. I managed to make a new Life Book 2017 painting!! yay.. I am soo behind with these….

New Painting – `We have each other’ Life Book 2017

I recently finished another Life Book 2017 painting Yay! This one is called ‘We have each other’ and was originally supposed to be the blue elephant, but I decided to add a pink horse and cute little Fennec fox. I named the painting ‘We have each other’ because the creatures are all so vastly different…

New Painting – Flowers of Gratitude

I finished another Life Book 2017 painting yay!!! This one is called flowers of gratitude and I do have a lot to be grateful for right now. I started a new job which I absolutely adore and am so happy to have moved on from the company I’ve worked for for what seems like most…

Crystal heart life book 2017 lesson

This is the actual crystal heart life book lesson that I deviated from quite a bit in the previous picture. Its amazing how the same lesson can be interpreted so differently