This was my first ever VJ gig!!

This was my first ever VJ gig!! It was at the Astoria, Leicester Square in London for top reggae band Morgan Heritage! You could say that I threw myself in at the deep end there! But I went on to mix live visuals for many other reggae bands after that. It was an amazing experience…


Hello everyone! its August hurrah! I hope you will be taking a well earned holiday this month whilst the sun is shining and the beach is calling! This month’s ‘Art For Your Screens’ features the Nubian/Egyptian goddess Mehyt, she is named as such because she was the consort of Onuris, a hunter god who tracks…

Benin Bronze Leopard Head

Hello all! I hope you are well? I have mostly been looking for new areas to move to, and I am happy to say that I think i have found the perfect area!! It only took 2 years of searching lol. I will share more details when I actually move though!! I recently updated my…

Design Museum 2017 – **video

Hello, I visited the new Design Museum in London last month as it had moved from the South Bank near London Bridge to it’s new home in Kensington High Street on the site of the former Commonwealth Building. I initially went on a hunt for images of the Technics 1200 turntable for a project that…

Bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting

Hi all, I’m sharing some of my painted sketches from a few months ago starting with this one of a bronze leaping cat, I saw it at the British Museum and adored the design, style, aesthetic, the form and colour. It is simply adorable so I decided to sketch it too.. I love this cat..

Scotland trip Vlog

Hello everyone, I made a youtube vlog about my recent trip to Scotland, I had a wonderful time there.. see more in my vlog here

A recent video edit

I recently created this video edit to showcase a collection of 1960’s ‘Roving Reports’ filmed by ITN, it was part of a digitisation project that is currently underway at this well known news broadcaster’s archive department.

Deep in the vaults

Hi, I’m back at work after a 2 week stay cation. This is where the magic happens.

The Penguin Book of Ducks

A while ago I purchased some old natural history books on Ebay, including this stunning book of ducks. Whilst researching the illustrator of the book Peter Shepheard I discovered that he was an English architect who worked for the London County Council in the 1960’s. My house is an ex LCC building which I like…

Crystal Palace Park

Hi all, today Cha-guy and I went for a long walk around Crystal Palace Park in South East London. We passed some ruins of the old Crystal Palace erected on the site in 1854 This magnificent building was designed by Joseph Paxton and hosted the Great Exhibition of industry and technology. It was burnt to…