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Design Museum 2017 – **video

Hello, I visited the new Design Museum in London last month as it had moved from the South Bank near London Bridge to it’s new home in Kensington High Street on the site of the former Commonwealth Building.

I initially went on a hunt for images of the Technics 1200 turntable for a project that I’m working on, but when I saw that a new Ferrari exhibition was on I decided to take a look.
ferrari under the skin design museum london joanne seale

It is probably the best designed exhibition I’ve been to, second only to the amazing armour galleries of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow

arms and armour gallery Kelvingrove museum Glasgow joanne seale

On arrival you walk into a cubical filled with red light, now I knew I was sensitive to colour and light but this was something else, I couldn’t breath and felt as if I was being attacked by the light, I started choking lol it was so funny.

Here is a video of my visit, I filmed it in my ‘Alien Eyes’ style of filming as i call it.. lol enjoy!

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Colour Infrared Video Imagery

I’ve been experimenting with colour infrared video and photography for some time, photography is easier due to the IR blocking filter on my stills camera being quite weak, plus manipulating RAW images in Photoshop and Gimp using  colour channel swapping is very effective. However video is another matter entirely, the IR blocking filter on my Canon HV40 is quite strong so filming on very bright sunny days is essential, then manipulating the imagery in After Effects can be long and unpredictable, film grain/noise needs to be removed, channel swapping in video is not very clean so many more effects are needed to produce a ‘respectable’ clip.

I’ve put some IR video clips together in this edit to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Here is a November desktop wallpaper for you, it was shot at the Lea Valley river in East London using a Nikon D70 and a Hoya IR filter.

Click on the picture then again to make it bigger then right click and save.


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Dancing Circles

Some time ago I was shown this video of ‘circles dancing in a rhomb’ by


At the time it inspired me to create some interesting patterns with crochet, based around the negative space within the structures and the rhythmic dance of the circles within the shape.

But it was the cellular structure of plants that the video reminded me of most, cross sections of plant stems show similar patterning due to the negative spaces created by the vascular bundles, cork, cambium and pith.

The video below is a rough edit of a sort of conversation between Gelada’s computational realisation and forms found in nature and captured on my new microscope :)

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New microscope with camera :)

I unexpectedly got a Bresser Biolux NV microscope with USB camera for xmas, it’s a good hobbyist microscope with 4x, 10x and 40x objectives, the kit came with some prepared specimens and even some shrimp eggs and an incubator for growing them, as well as spare slides and cover slips

Here are some captures from the included slides :








And here is a video capture that has been processed as b&w and inverted


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Earth, the final frontier

I’ve been doing lots of online After Effects tutorials recently as I’d like to add cgi effects to some of the footage I shot over the summer with an aim to represent natural phenomena such at photosynthesis and gravitation.
Things are going well and I’m getting my head around the use of fractal noise, particles and using lights to project images onto surface meshes.
I’m particularly proud of my Earth which was created entirely in After effects using CC-Sphere and fractal noise as well as jpeg maps.
You can find lots of cool AE tutorials here and here

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The dark side..

The biology of cells has always fascinated me, I follow a few flickr groups on the subject and have been very impressed by the work of  Tatcher a Hainu

Flower stalk of a dalia by Tatcher a Hainu

I like the way he stains his specimens and and the level of detail in his photography.

However it is Darkfield microscopy that really inspires me due to the high contrast levels and black backgrounds which make it suitable for projection and video mixing.

Here is a superb example of micro-videography, a capture of the algae Volvox…

Volvox aureus, darkfield moves by Jens Hallfeldt

From what I can gather he used a professional microscope, the Olympus CH40, a very nice DSLR, the Canon 5dII and a Zeiss Ultracondenser.


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Hypnosis goggles workshop

I attended a workshop that set out to explore the relationship between flickering lights and perception using DIY circuit boards and LEDs. We soldered components to a board and added controllers, speaker connections and LEDs to create experimental ‘hypnosis’ goggles.

This was my second attempt at soldering, the first was when I tried to fix my television with a soldering kit from Argos. I found the soldering quite tricky to begin with and constantly dripped solder over several copper covered columns on the boards but luckily the workshop organiser Ryan Jordan was very helpful and patient. We connected the 555 chip enabled circuit boards to safety goggles and then hallucinated away, here is a video

I however did not finish my goggles and filmed the event instead :) but the circuitry proved useful during my bike ride home when I attached it to my bike as a flashing front light, it also made another appearance later in the evening during an improptu light show at Electrovision…

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