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Calendar Art Journal Project – September

Wow, September is nearly over and I’ve only just managed to complete this month’s calendar art journal page. It was inspired by autumn colours, leaves falling to the ground, that rich golden sunshine that seems to permeate the air at this time of year.
I love autumn, it’s a time of change and anticipation for the trials and comforts of winter. Cosy days indoors with a real fire, the sharp crunch of frost-bitten grass underfoot, that cleansed look of a world blanketed in snow.
I hope you are all enjoying your autumn and preparing for winter too. :)
I made a fast forward art video below

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Painting a colourful little bird :)

I recently finished painting this little bird on a canvas I found in a new store that opened up nearby.
I was inspired to paint it after seeing photos of the Pink Necked Green Pigeon on a nature website.
The watch me paint video includes a brief trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London :)
pink necked pigeon painting joanne seale
I filmed myself painting it.

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Watercolour sketch

I recently finished a Life Book 2015 watercolour sketch, I had great fun making this as I hardly ever use my watercolours and pencils. But will try to do so more in future.
I also made a fast forward video, and started a canvas painting of a Pink Necked Green Pigeon :)
watercolour sketch painting joanne seale
pigeon WIP

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New painting: The Goddess Morrigan

I painted the Celtic goddess Morrigan as part of a Life Book lesson on mythical beings, she is a shape shifting goddess who can appear as a crow or with a crow.
I also made a speed paint video below.
goddess morrigan painting joanne seale
morrigan 1
morrigan 3
morrigan 4

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Morning Walks – Dragons or Griffins?

I’ve been walking between Charing Cross train station in London and my workplace since February, initially as part of a health kick it has now become a habit that I look forward to every week day.
Mostly because of the rich history of the area as depicted in the many styles of architecture and architectural features.
One of the things that struck me was the number of dragons featured on some buildings, I know that the dragon is a symbol of the city of London and is used to mark it’s boundaries but as I wandered around Gray’s Inn I noticed more and more of these mighty beasts on the walls, lamp posts, street furniture etc.
I then realised that most of them were in fact Griffins as this is the ‘Badge’ of The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn one of the four London Inns of Court.
Here are some pictures
I have adopted this dragon and named him Theodore :) He is in fact the Birch Dragon of Temple Bar and guards the Royal Courts of Justice
Birch dragon temple bar joanne seale
The following are all Griffins found in and around Grays Inn
griffin grays inn
griffin grays inn
griffin grays inn

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