Lifebook art project – Be true to you

I can’t believe we are nearly halfway through the Lifebook 2014 lessons, I started in late March having never had an art lesson or drawn a face before and I’m amazed at how much we’ve all learnt. The lady below was inspired by Christina Aguilera in the “Lady Marmalade’ music video, her hair and make-up.

New art journal page – trust

I started this art journal page as I wanted to paint a bird and darker skinned lady, however as the picture emerged I realised it was about trust. The bird having enough trust in the lady to land on her, and the lady allowing the bird’s sharp beak to be so close to her eyes….

New art journal page – Live

This page was originally going to be about Billie Holiday but as the image appeared I decided to change it into an angel :) The face was made with acrylics, the background is water-soluble crayon, gesso and acrylic. I cut the orchids and lettering on my silhouette cameo. The image is wrong on so many…

New art journal page – Seek

I made an art journal page using some of my Lifebook lessons. I used acrylic paint, watersoluble crayon, gesso, acrylic ink, posca pens and inktense to create it, with about 10 million layers :P As the lady appeared I thought she looked like a nomad, which brought up a question in my mind about seeking,…

Lifebook – Spray inks, modelling paste, stags and afros

This was a lifebook lesson about using patterns in mixed media artwork, we had to create a stag, I then made another one in my art journal featuring a man. I used modelling paste for the first time, its a lovely shimmery, mother of pearl colour.