New painting – Sweet Girl and Pigeon

Hello, long time, I’ve finally finished this whimsical girl painting with her pet bird which I am calling an ‘Adidas Pigeon’ because of the 3 stripes on the wing. It was inspired by a historical illustration which I’ve linked below :) I’ve also made a fully voiced ‘watch be paint’ video also linked below. I…

Works in progress 

Sketch and initial laying down of colour for a Life Book lesson      

Stylised fish sketch 

I stressed about sketching this fish for so long I haven’t been into my art room for weeks! I’m going to try to paint it in the same style as my recent hummingbird.  

Sketches aged 11

I recently found some old sketches I made at age 11, to my knowledge these are the only sketches I made as a child!! I wish I had taken up art then!  

Shout out time..

It’s time for me to introduce you to a few dear friends. Firstly my mentor Marc Silver presented his new film 3 1/2 minutes at the Sundance film festival yesterday. The film covers the murder trial of Jordan Davis with this message ‘The more we see each other as human beings, the less inevitable will…