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Hello everyone! its August hurrah! I hope you will be taking a well earned holiday this month whilst the sun is shining and the beach is calling!

This month’s ‘Art For Your Screens’ features the Nubian/Egyptian goddess Mehyt, she is named as such because she was the consort of Onuris, a hunter god who tracks down Mehyt in Nubia and brings her to Egypt as his wife.

The file can be found here

mehyt goddess art for screens joanne seale

Such a sweet and romantic story, it has made me want to learn more about the mythology of Nubia in particular and the various gods and goddesses of the region.

Art For Your Screens is a new way of owning and displaying art on your digital devices such as a computer display or digital TV.
The artwork can be used as a screensaver or wallpaper and is a fantastic way to have artwork displayed in your office or home.

Mehyt – The Distant Goddess is a mythical being originating from Nubia and Egypt, she is represented here with colourful paper cut flowers in her hair and a beautiful side profile.
The file can be found here


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July Edition of ‘Art For Your Screens’ – You Are Enough

Hello! It is now July so time for a new edition of ‘Art For Your Screens’!
This month’s drop features my painting ‘You Are Enough’ and is great as a screensaver or wallpaper on your mobile phone, so you can have it on display at all times!
You can download it here

art for your screens painting joanne seale

This month one lucky person who downloads the artwork will also receive a signed physical copy of my cute cat watercolour painting posted to you, I will be selecting someone at random so watch this space!

watercolour cute cat face art painting joanne seale

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Art For Your Screens – June Edition: The Jewel In The Lotus

It’s June! And time for a new Art For Your Screens! This months offering is available for Mobile phones and can be used as a screensaver or wallpaper.
The Jewel In The Lotus represents our journey to becoming the best possible versions of ourselves, and can be found here

art for screens jewel in the lotus painting art joanne seale

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Art for your screens May edition! – A Womans Back with Angel Wings

Yay! its May! And time for a cool new ‘Art for your Screens’!
This month we are celebrating the colour Blue! As this is my favourite colour! And Jay-Z’s too so I am told.. :)

This artwork will look fantastic illuminated by your screen, as the colour blue seems to come to life when touched by white light.
The digital file can be found in my etsy shop here

womans back with angel wings art for screens joanne seale painting

I painted this piece to explore the contours of a female back and also to develop my style of painting that features a lot of ethereal transparency.

I have linked a video below which shows a speed paint of how I approached the construction of this piece.

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Art For Your Screens – Ostara, Goddess Of Springtime

I am very happy to announce the launch of a new digital product called ‘Art For Your Screens’ where I will be making artworks available for display on digital devices including LED screens, tablets and mobile phones.

ostara painting art joanne seale

Your art collection will be beautifully backlit, creating a statement display that immediately enhances the value of your space, and can be instantly appreciated on your mobile device.

This first release Ostara – Goddess of Springtime, encapsulates the renewal and reawakening inherent of this time of year and will be available as a limited special springtime edition price point.

Available in my “Art For Your Screens’ online store here ART FOR YOUR SCREENS

Watch this space for more art releases over the coming months.

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