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Scotland trip Vlog

Hello everyone, I made a youtube vlog about my recent trip to Scotland, I had a wonderful time there.. see more in my vlog here


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Cornwall trip – September 2015

I spent a lovely 5 days in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, UK the weather was unusually hot and sunny for late September which was just as well as I wanted to spend as much time as possible walking around the coast, arting on the balcony, watching shooting stars over the ocean and rediscovering some old haunts :)

I had a lovely apartment with 2 balconies (I have a thing for balconies!) which overlooked the bay towards St Ives, and gave spectacular views of the north coast and Atlantic.
Here are a few photos, plus a mini travel video below :)DSC_5379 small

DSC_5403 small

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Morning Walks – Dragons or Griffins?

I’ve been walking between Charing Cross train station in London and my workplace since February, initially as part of a health kick it has now become a habit that I look forward to every week day.
Mostly because of the rich history of the area as depicted in the many styles of architecture and architectural features.
One of the things that struck me was the number of dragons featured on some buildings, I know that the dragon is a symbol of the city of London and is used to mark it’s boundaries but as I wandered around Gray’s Inn I noticed more and more of these mighty beasts on the walls, lamp posts, street furniture etc.
I then realised that most of them were in fact Griffins as this is the ‘Badge’ of The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn one of the four London Inns of Court.
Here are some pictures
I have adopted this dragon and named him Theodore :) He is in fact the Birch Dragon of Temple Bar and guards the Royal Courts of Justice
Birch dragon temple bar joanne seale
The following are all Griffins found in and around Grays Inn
griffin grays inn
griffin grays inn
griffin grays inn

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London walks and a bit of a ramble

Instagram photos from my London walks. London walks photography joanne seale I’ve been on a health kick recently, and started a health and wellbeing regime :) including walking for at least an hour per day and trying to eat 5-a-day (fruit and veg) every day. I’ve been plotting my progress on the fleetly and 5 A Day apps. I’ve really enjoyed the walks and eating healthy food and have realised that trying to eat 5-a-day is as good as being on a diet, you cannot physically eat much more as the fibre really fills you up. Last week I made a some lovely meals including, vegetable curry, cabbage and swede cheesy bake and an oriental aubergine and pepper dish. I’ve also been using my walks as photography trips and for listening to audio books. It was really cool listening to a BBC Radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and passing some of the landmarks mentioned in ‘London Below’ such as ‘The Night’s Bridge’, ‘The Angel Islington’ and ‘The Black Friars’. By the end of the week I had surpassed 7 hrs of moderate exercise and managed 6 days of a full 5-a-day diet. However it was pretty painful, I had 2 inch blisters on my feet, constant headaches and sore muscles in my legs. These have all abated now, the blisters were due to wearing in my new and very lovely Wolky boots, I found that eating sweeter fruit stopped my low blood sugar headaches and my legs are no longer aching after resting them at the weekend. :) I’ve been reading a new series of books (on Audible) called ‘The Mortal Instruments’ by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments book coversand am totally hooked, it’s a really intriguing look into a world of Shadowhunters (Nephilim), Downworlders and Mundanes. Totally immersive and a wonderful way to explore London on foot! That’s it for now, will be posting some new art soon though!! xx

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Trip to Arundel in West Sussex, UK

A few weeks ago I took a lovely train trip to Arundel in West Sussex.

On arrival I was greeted by the sight of this amazing Norman castle

Arundel Castle

I then had a wander down some of the very pretty and historic streets which seemed to be full of art galleries and antiques shops. I found some lovely vintage suitcases there

Vintage suite case Arundel Vintage suite case Arundel

I explored a few galleries and found some amazing art by Emma Franks

Emma Franks painting

I bought a couple of art cards with her work printed on them.

I then wandered the mile or so down a gorgeous tree-lined lane to the Arundel Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre, and looked at lots of ducks! :)

arundel wildfowl and wetlands centre

arundel wildfowl and wetlands centre

There was an artist open day happening at the visitor centre and I talked to the Roy Kelf, the maker of these exquisite masking tape bird sculptures

roy kelf bird sculpture

All in all it was a super fantastic day out, I think I am in love with Sussex now, it’s so arty, natural and historic, all the things I love in an area :) I cant wait to explore more of this amazing county. :)

On the way home I had the pleasure of waiting for my train in the most comfortable waiting room I’ve ever seen, it had leather sofas, book shelves full of novels and a box full of DVDs!!!

Arundel Train Station waiting room

Thank you Arundel :)

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Bore Place weekend away

I had a weekend away at the delightful Bore Place in Kent with Cha-guy.
Bore place is a working organic farm and sustainable living centre near Sevenoaks in Kent. There are also a number of buildings that are rented out for private retreats and group events etc.

It was my birthday this week so we decided to spend some time in the converted barn making art, dancing, singing, cooking good food and generally chilling and having a good time.
We tried to go on the 3 mile field trail but it was a bit muddy and my shoes ‘drowned’.
There was only a slow internet connection and no TV so we spent the evenings snuggled on the sofa listening to audiobooks with the wood burner keeping us cosy and warm.

We had fun walking around the dairy farm, investigating the kitchen garden, chickens, and the amazing walled garden with formal pond.

I hope you enjoy the short video and photos below

Here are some pictures

This is the main house
bore place kent 2014

The small converted barn that we stayed in
bore place kent 2014

The gardens in front of the barn
bore place kent 2014

Cha-guy walking across a field
bore place kent 2014

A rainbow appeared after a spell of rain
bore place kent 2014

The kitchen gardens
bore place kent 2014

Wood crafting area
bore place kent 2014

The formal gardens and pond
bore place kent 2014
bore place kent 2014

Seedings in the kitchen garden
bore place kent 2014

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RSPB Rainham May 2014

I went on the Sunday Stroll at RSPB Rainham yesterday. I last went in the winter of 2012 so was very excited to see what was there during springtime :)
It was a fantastic day, the sun shone, the birds sang and our guides were very good, we learnt lots about the folklore surrounding plants and birds as well as medicinal uses. We saw Marsh Harriers, Bearded Tits, Willow Warblers, Swallows etc etc, heard a Cuckoo and loads of Marsh frogs.

rspb rainham

There were however loads of flies around! I thought I’d end up looking like my painting of this lady with butterflies in her hair but with fly’s wings instead!
flies at rspb rainham

I made a short video about the trip here.

And here are more photos

A very thorny wild rose

Bird tracks in the mud
bird tracks

Some reeds and rocks

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