Bore Place weekend away

I had a weekend away at the delightful Bore Place in Kent with Cha-guy.
Bore place is a working organic farm and sustainable living centre near Sevenoaks in Kent. There are also a number of buildings that are rented out for private retreats and group events etc.

It was my birthday this week so we decided to spend some time in the converted barn making art, dancing, singing, cooking good food and generally chilling and having a good time.
We tried to go on the 3 mile field trail but it was a bit muddy and my shoes ‘drowned’.
There was only a slow internet connection and no TV so we spent the evenings snuggled on the sofa listening to audiobooks with the wood burner keeping us cosy and warm.

We had fun walking around the dairy farm, investigating the kitchen garden, chickens, and the amazing walled garden with formal pond.

I hope you enjoy the short video and photos below

Here are some pictures

This is the main house
bore place kent 2014

The small converted barn that we stayed in
bore place kent 2014

The gardens in front of the barn
bore place kent 2014

Cha-guy walking across a field
bore place kent 2014

A rainbow appeared after a spell of rain
bore place kent 2014

The kitchen gardens
bore place kent 2014

Wood crafting area
bore place kent 2014

The formal gardens and pond
bore place kent 2014
bore place kent 2014

Seedings in the kitchen garden
bore place kent 2014

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