Reculver cycle ride on the Kent coast

Hi all, I went on an amazing cycle ride yesterday along the Kent coast from Margate to Reculver in order to capture some images of the amazing medieval ruins there. I brought my DSLR and camcorder with me,  the DSLR was fitted with an infrared filter which allowed me to capture the atmospheric shots below….

Jane Davenport whimsy portrait painting lesson

I’m finally getting on with my Jane Davenport ‘Express Yourself’ online course. This was one of the first lessons where we learnt how to paint a ‘Jane’ style face. She is so cute! and I enjoyed practicing painting hair.  

New Painting – Side profile face lesson

Hi, I’ve finished a new painting YAY!  It was part of a side profile portrait lesson, and although my proportions are a bit wrong I still really like it. I also practiced painting hair and concentrated on using white highlights in this painting.