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Throwback Thursday – A dark homage to obsolete technology

A few years ago I made this dark homage to the multi format transfer department affectionately refered to as Mufty, where carefully locked away deep in the vaults, obsolete kit such as the Sondor, RTI 6120, Cintel Y-front and Bosch Fernseh have found resting places.


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Tutorial – Make a Midori planner with paper and gesso

The internet seems to have gone Midori crazy! It’s beautiful yet simple design as well as it’s flexibility as a journal, planner or notebook has inspired many people to get creative. I decided to try to make my own using paper and gesso after seeing how my paper stencils became more supple and durable after a coating of acrylic gesso was painted on them. The gesso plasticises the paper to look and feel more like vinyl or faux leather. So let’s get started!! :) midori joanne seale fauxdori   Firstly take some cardstock or watercolour paper and decorate it with spray inks, I’m using Dylusions inks as the colours will stain the gesso giving a more layered effect. Decorate both sides of the paper. DSC_5203   Then using acrylic gesso, spread it onto the paper using an old store card, this gives a very thin and even coverage of gesso. Gesso both sides with 2 layers leaving the paper to throroughly dry between layers.DSC_5208 DSC_5212 I made one last layer of gesso, scraping it through a stencil to give an organic leather grain effect. DSC_5213 Continue reading

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Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here as life is all a whirl at the moment. :)
I’ve had to stop creating my desktop wallpaper calendars due to lack of time, sorry if you have been waiting for them but hopefully I will resume after I’ve finished my current project..

Over the last few weeks I’ve been learning 3d modeling programs and graphic design software in order to create my own 3d paper cuts, things are going well and I’ll soon have a few designs to show which I’ll also make available for download on another site (which I am currently designing) they will be in SVG format initially so can be cut on a number of die-cut machines.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the designs, I hope you like them :)

dovecote houses paper cut paper craft

In other news the lovely CHA-guy presented a paper at the Linux Audio Conference where he explained his project on FM Oscillators and 4 dimensional space, the picture bellow shows the output of the program he made, which he kindly framed for me as a present. :)
I don’t understand any of the maths involved or the coding but its does look pretty… :)
Gotta dash now

Hope your week goes well..

Lyapunov Space of Coupled FM Oscillators

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Art Journaling

Art Journal Page Lady Eternity

Art Journal Page Lady Eternity

During most of January I tried my hand at art journaling. It’s a mixture of art, craft and diary discovered through the millions of Youtube videos dedicated to the hobby.
I aim to make more nature/science inspired pages soon and will post them up here :)
The image above features a character inspired by William Blake’s poem Auguries of Innocence

The page below is dedicated to some country walks I went on with Cha Guy ;)

Art Journal Page First Walks

Art Journal Page First Walks

And the page below is dedicated to a new resident living in my cavity wall and loft who keeps me awake at night, but is soon to be expelled ;)

Art Journal Page The Rodent

Art Journal Page The Rodent

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December 2012 desktop wallpaper

Hello again :) I have been a bit busy of late working on a number of projects (more details coming soon) but here is a December wallpaper for you. It was created from a still image of a Caster Oil plant leaf and a little bit of jiggery pokery  ;)

Click the picture then again to make it larger and save.

December 2012 desktop wallpaper

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Colour Infrared Video Imagery

I’ve been experimenting with colour infrared video and photography for some time, photography is easier due to the IR blocking filter on my stills camera being quite weak, plus manipulating RAW images in Photoshop and Gimp using  colour channel swapping is very effective. However video is another matter entirely, the IR blocking filter on my Canon HV40 is quite strong so filming on very bright sunny days is essential, then manipulating the imagery in After Effects can be long and unpredictable, film grain/noise needs to be removed, channel swapping in video is not very clean so many more effects are needed to produce a ‘respectable’ clip.

I’ve put some IR video clips together in this edit to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Here is a November desktop wallpaper for you, it was shot at the Lea Valley river in East London using a Nikon D70 and a Hoya IR filter.

Click on the picture then again to make it bigger then right click and save.


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Graphic Plants..

Hibiscus by Steven Meyers

Hibiscus by Steven Meyers

After seeing the x-ray plant photos of Steven Meyers

I was inspired to create a video edit that captured the same look and feel.

I filmed plants in my garden using a macro lens then processed the clips with various computer generated effects to create the vivid graphic look of the video below.

The clips were then edited to music and form part of a live cinema performance which will be shown in London.

I hope you enjoy the edit, it’s best viewed in full screen mode. :)

Graphic Plants from Joanne Seale on Vimeo.

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