New Painting – Life Book 2017

Hello everyone, it feels like ages since I’ve posted a painting here, so I have a lot of catching up to do and will be sharing some of my sketches and art journal work over the coming weeks.

I managed to make a new Life Book 2017 painting!! yay.. I am soo behind with these.
I tried a new technique with this painting, our teacher asked us to use water soluble crayons (I love these!!), charcoal and white paint to create a rather soulful image.

I took it a bit further by adding india ink that I tinted with the watercolour crayons, it was amazing… tinted india ink is such a beautiful media to work with and I found I could create more depth and contrast that I usually add to my paintings.

I will experiment with it some more..

soulful you painting joanne seale

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