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Happy Saturday! Gift Boxes!

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday and welcoming those cosy autumnal days? It can be the best time of the year, a time of change..

Today I would like to share with you some of my paper designs that are in fact gift boxes! I began creating these when I got my Silhouette Cameo paper cutter which I love dearly.
It inspired me to design paper cutting templates and fuelled a desire to start collecting paper.. I now have shelves and boxes full of exquisite patterned paper and high quality crafting papers.

I create the templates in Adobe Illustrator and the Silhouette Studio Designer software, these are then exported as vector SVG files which can be downloaded by other paper crafters who cut them on their personal machines.

They can be filled with goodies and used as display pieces, I hope you enjoy them :)

turntable record player paper design craft gift box joanne seale

cassette player boom box ghetto blaster paper design craft gift box joanne seale

skyline paper design craft gift box joanne seale

desk decor accessory paper design craft gift box joanne seale

cute animals paper design craft gift box joanne seale


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Artist Video – Omar Puente

I’ve been sharing bits of my work over on Instagram as part of ‘Social October’

Including this video, which was commissioned by the legendary jazz saxophonist Courtney Pine and features his band member, violinist Omar Puente.
I filmed, directed and edited the video whilst the band were performing in London.

It was such a memorable experience and honor to work with such talented musicians!

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New Paper Animation!! Running Horse….

Hello everyone!! I hope you are well?
I’ve been fairly busy prepping a few new projects and creating content for Social October, you can view this on my instagram here!
Over the weekend I decided to create a paper animation featuring a horse from one of Muybridge’s famous photography experiments!
I started by cutting the horse shapes using my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine
paper animation horse art joanne seale

I then created a basic grid on card and lined up the images whilst filming them on my camcorder.
I then created the animation below in my editing software.
I hope you like it!

What did you do over the weekend, anything creative?
Please share your projects!!!

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Art For Your Screens – October Edition

It’s time for October’s Art For Your Screens!!
This delightfully sweet girl and bird will brighten up your mobile display.
‘Art For Your Screens’ is a new way of owning and displaying art on your digital devices
This artwork is for display on your mobile phone either as a wallpaper or screensaver so that you can have it with you at all times!
Thw download file can be found here
art for your screen joanne seale
art for your screen joanne seale

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New Whimsical Horse Painting

I’ve just finished creating this delightful whimsical horse in watercolours, I layered the transparent layers of paint to make a dreamy floaty background then sketched a very whimsical floaty horse, I used opaque gouache for the highlights and watercolour pencils for the details.
The caption ‘Be Free’ was added in a mixture of gouache and watercolour and was inspired by the carefree and playful pose of the horse.
I think of it as a reminder to be playful in real life, as this can be very freeing, make time for play! :)

be free watercolor whimsical horse art painting joanne seale

be free whimsical horse art sketch joanne seale

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New horse sketch..

Helloooo! Happy Saturday!

I’ve literally just finished sketching this horses head in charcoal, it’s the first time I used charcoal and it’s so lush.

The background was made from layers of gold, yellow and brown paint.

I need to make another of these in black paint as that was the original idea, but will keep this one too.

The horse is sketched from one of the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum.

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Painting Tutorial* – Learn how to paint this sweet girl Yin Yue

Helloo!! Its Friday!! I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the weekend?
I have something new for you! Maybe you could even try painting it this weekend?? Hopefully!

Here is the painting tutorial for my latest sweet girl Yin Yue, in the video you will learn how I select and blend colours to add depth as well as layer colours to create variation. I love colour!!

I would love to see your sweet girl paintings too!!

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