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February’s Calendar Art Journal Page

Hi, here is February’s calendar art journal page. It’s a relatively quick one as I was still on my self imposed painting ban :)
It was inspired by the half light of February when the sun struggles to peep through grey skies, I also wanted to try to create a mosaic effect with pieces of paper.
A process video is below the image.

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I’m still here…

Hi all, things have been a bit quiet here of late, but I am still here! :)
I basically had to ban myself from painting during most of February so that I could work on other projects.
Painting is so addictive, once I’ve set up all my gorgeous colours and surrounded myself with tubes, pots, crayons, pencils etc etc I seem to go into a trance and lose track of time. I felt I was neglecting my paper projects, the house, the garden! etc etc so I imposed a ban! :P
I have allowed myself a little playing in my art journal but my main focus has been on making a handmade book.
Here is a sneak peek at the cover
book cover
I want to use this book as an album for some of my photography and drawings, mainly focussing on architectural styles and design features.
I tend to snap these on my iphone and upload them to Instagram, but a lovely person gifted me a zoom lens for my DSLR and last Sunday I took a trip to Greenwich in South London to test it on my fave type of photography.
Here are a few snaps
The interior of ‘The Painted Hall’
The painted hall greenwich joanne seale
One of the twin Royal Naval College towers
royal naval college greenwich joanne seale
A decorative circular window
decorative window greenwich joanne seale
A pretty decorative Victorian style lantern
victorian lantern greenwich joanne seale
I hope to be back soon with photos of my finished book and February’s calendar art journal page :)

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Using a Paperchase scrapbook as an art journal?

I recently bought a Paperchase scrapbook album to use as an art journal because I want to do more sketching and playing around with paint and ideas.
I also found that I was trying to complete a finished painting every week without spending much time sketching or having fun in my other journals.
So decided to start a new journal for 2016!!

I decided to get the Paperchase scrapbook album as the pages are quite thick and shouldn’t be prone to buckling with very wet mixed media, the square format is nice and will be interesting to use over a 2 page spread, plus the paper cut cover is very pretty.
paperchase scrapbook album art journal joanne seale
I tested the pages with a variety of paints to see how well the paper stood up to different applications and made a video below.
paperchase scrapbook album art journal joanne seale

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