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Hypnosis goggles workshop

I attended a workshop that set out to explore the relationship between flickering lights and perception using DIY circuit boards and LEDs. We soldered components to a board and added controllers, speaker connections and LEDs to create experimental ‘hypnosis’ goggles.

This was my second attempt at soldering, the first was when I tried to fix my television with a soldering kit from Argos. I found the soldering quite tricky to begin with and constantly dripped solder over several copper covered columns on the boards but luckily the workshop organiser Ryan Jordan was very helpful and patient. We connected the 555 chip enabled circuit boards to safety goggles and then hallucinated away, here is a video

I however did not finish my goggles and filmed the event instead :) but the circuitry proved useful during my bike ride home when I attached it to my bike as a flashing front light, it also made another appearance later in the evening during an improptu light show at Electrovision…

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Harvest moon(ish) timelapse

In September I was looking forward to capturing the Harvest moon in timelapse, this is the first full moon closest to the autumnal equinox and is unique in that it appearsĀ  early in the evening, and very low on the horizon. This creates an optical illlusion whereby we percieve the moon to be much bigger than it actually is.

I had purchased an intevalometer from GentLED and attached it to my Nikon D70 then set up my tripod in the back garden with the camera pointing towards the skys.

Here is the result

However I was a day late and could only film after getting home late in the evening, so this is not in fact the harvest moon :( nevermind, I will try again next year…


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