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Lee Valley in infrared

My 3rd attempt at infrared  along the Lee (Lea) Valley Canal towpath in East London.

It was an amazing bright day so i jumped on my bike and headed to east london via the East London Line from New Cross.

I had originally intended on filming plants along the waterside for my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ (currently in development), but as I had my stills camera with me, I slapped on the Hoya filter and snapped away.


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Abstract Nature

I’ve been experimenting with photographing plant forms using semi-macro lenses then processing the imagery with a number of different filters to produce quite graphic abstract forms.

Here are some examples of what I’ve produced.

The Caster Oil Plant (Ricinus Comunis) leaf detail

Yarrow (Achillea  filipendulina) flower seen from above

Yarrow (Achillea  filipendulina) flower seen from the side


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