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Reculver cycle ride on the Kent coast

Hi all, I went on an amazing cycle ride yesterday along the Kent coast from Margate to Reculver in order to capture some images of the amazing medieval ruins there.

I brought my DSLR and camcorder with me,  the DSLR was fitted with an infrared filter which allowed me to capture the atmospheric shots below.

reculver kent joanne seale photography

Colour IR

reculver kent joanne seale photography

An amazing sky and landscape

reculver kent joanne seale photography

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Throwback Thursday – Colour Infrared photography

My first ever #throwbackthursday post :) Here is one of my early attempts at colour infrared photography

infrared lee valley boats

Which was followed by an attempt at colour infrared videography

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Colour Infrared Video Imagery

I’ve been experimenting with colour infrared video and photography for some time, photography is easier due to the IR blocking filter on my stills camera being quite weak, plus manipulating RAW images in Photoshop and Gimp using  colour channel swapping is very effective. However video is another matter entirely, the IR blocking filter on my Canon HV40 is quite strong so filming on very bright sunny days is essential, then manipulating the imagery in After Effects can be long and unpredictable, film grain/noise needs to be removed, channel swapping in video is not very clean so many more effects are needed to produce a ‘respectable’ clip.

I’ve put some IR video clips together in this edit to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

Here is a November desktop wallpaper for you, it was shot at the Lea Valley river in East London using a Nikon D70 and a Hoya IR filter.

Click on the picture then again to make it bigger then right click and save.


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I’ve finally finished my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ you can read a little about it below :)

Hortus explores the relationship between natural and urban environments, it takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through the presence, form and processes of vegetal nature found throughout cities but often overlooked and ignored.

Urban Nature

urban nature - tree green chain walk londonurban nature - corrugated iron fence weed plants londonurban nature - tree green chain walk london

Part 1 – ‘Urban nature’ features a tree as a metaphysical central character binding the human psyche with the non human and was inspired by Malcolm Le Grice’s Berlin Horse.

Filmed at various London man made linear green spaces that finger their way through concrete and brick, including the Green Chain Walk in South East London, The disused railway line Parkland Walk in North London and the Lea Valley towpath walk in East London.

Abstract nature

Part 2 – ‘Abstract nature’ was inspired by the representation of nature in abstract form in the work of Karl Blossfeldt and Paul Prudence.

achillia yarrow nature Londonabstract nature - foxtail lilly Eremurus robustusabstract nature - rose london

Featuring plants found in and around London it invites the viewer to look deeper into the geometric forms and structures of nature.
An attempt is made to induce a hypnotic mental state through forced motion within the imagery and optical fixation.

Unseen light

Part 3 – ‘Unseen light’ was inspired by the plant processes and light harvesting structures involved in photosynthesis, I wanted to convey something of the unseen quality of this phenomenon, which starts with light in the visible spectrum hitting chloroplast reaction centres and starting a chain of protein folding reactions.

unseen light - wellington arch london infraredunseen light - royal st james' palace london infraredunseen light - crystal palace dinosaurs infrared

Light in the infrared spectrum is reflected and it was this light (invisible to the naked eye) which was captured to make the video, using specialist camera filters.

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Lee Valley in infrared

My 3rd attempt at infrared  along the Lee (Lea) Valley Canal towpath in East London.

It was an amazing bright day so i jumped on my bike and headed to east london via the East London Line from New Cross.

I had originally intended on filming plants along the waterside for my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ (currently in development), but as I had my stills camera with me, I slapped on the Hoya filter and snapped away.


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Infrared photography – 2nd attempt

As the weather was nice with clear blue skys and just a few clouds I decided to give infrared photography another go. I have a Nikon D70 which is particularly sensitive to IR light, and a hoya R72 filter which blocks out most visible light.

I white balanced on some brightly lit grass, then set the shutter speed to a low value. I can’t see anything in the viewfinder when taking pictures and the autofocus doesn’t work so well, so I set the focus to infinity and hoped for the best.

The results were ok but as they were taken without a tripod so the images are a bit blurry. The pictures were channel swapped in Gimp and the levels adjusted which gave a good deep blue tone in the sky and water.


You can view more here


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Infrared videography

I did some experiments with infrared videography trying to recreate the awesomeness of the still picture below.

Using a Canon HV20 camcorder I first tested if any infra red light was picked up by the sensor. Most cameras have an IR blocking filter but I was delighted to discover that the camera could ‘see’ the invisble infrared light coming from a remote control.

I then purchased a Hoya R72 filter which blocked all visible light below the 720nm wavelength but allowed near infrared light through and went out filming on a bright sunny day.

Here are the results.

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