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New Art Cushions!! Tree of Life Month

Tree of Life month continues with this delightful cushion, perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a cup of tea and good book!!..Ok Netflix lol 😂 you can find it here
Watch out for more Tree of Life goodies throughout the week yay!!!

art cushion joanne seale

You can read more about what inspired my tree of life painting here..

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Lazy Sunday – Self Portrait

I’ve been enjoying a lazy Sunday lie in whilst deciding whether or not I should visit Greenwich Market in London, it’s cold out there!

I grew up in Greenwich and always enjoyed visiting the arts, crafts and antiques market on a Sunday, it became a ritual amongst my friends to meet there for Sunday lunch and take a walk in the park, happy days!

I still have some pieces of art and antiques that I collected at that time!

Last night I continued working on my self portrait, it’s almost finished now..

joanne seale self portrait art painting

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New Greetings Card!! – Tree of Life month

Hello everyone!! I hope you are doing good on this December day? Maybe you are gently sliding into seasonal events and planning for the last month of the decade!!
Wow! we have come so far in 10 years.. I actually started this blog in 2010 and my first post was about my fascination with infrared photography, you can view it here
I will be once again taking up infrared imagery in 2020 as part of a dreamy landscapes project that will hopefully become a calendar, so watch this space!!

Anyhoo as we celebrate the end of a decade and welcome in a new calendar year I want to introduce you to December as ‘Tree of Life’ month and release my ‘Tree of Life’ painting in various different formats for the first time.

When I painted it I wanted to explore how the needs of a tree are very similar to the needs of a person. I placed those needs around the tree like the earth in which its roots could grow.

I think its quite fitting as we go into the new decade and into new versions of ourselves, to capture a reminder of how we can be both strong and delicate at the same time, and that all our aspects need to be nurtured in order for us to grow.

This first offering comes in the form of a ‘Tree of Life’ greetings card.
Please click to link below for more details and delivery options.

I welcome you all to join me in celebrating ‘Tree of Life’ month too, maybe you will paint a tree of your own?
If you are new to arting I will be making some new tutorials specifically for you to step into this wonderful life of art and creating.

Its easier than you think!!

tree of life painting greetings card joanne seale

tree of life painting greetings card joanne seale

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Painting Tutorial – All Sweet Girl episodes are now available!!

Hello again!! I hope you are well!!
Its December!! And time to cosy up and enjoy the season.
Maybe you want to do some painting??

All my Sweet Girl tutorial episodes are now online!! you can see them below.
Click on the picture to go to the tutorials
sweet girl art painting tutorial joanne seale
sweet girl art painting tutorial joanne seale

And stay tuned for a new tutorial arriving soon, aimed specifically at people who want to begin arting for the first time!!.. :)
have a look at the first art supplies I ever bought here

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New Painting Tutorial!! “Sweet Girl’ – Episode 1. Making the background!

Hello!! I hope you are well!!

I have been busy editing the tutorial video for my latest ‘Sweet Girl’ painting!

The first episode is published today and in this video I will be teaching you how to make a colourful background using layered painting techniques, we will also make our own stencils, learn how to choose colours and prepare our background for drawing on.

I hope you enjoy this first episode below, and please do share your creations on the new facebook group here

Next time we will be drawing the girl!!

painting tutorial joanne seale
painting tutorial joanne sealepainting tutorial joanne seale
painting tutorial joanne seale
painting tutorial joanne seale

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New Painting* – Whimsical sweet girl!

Hello everyone! I hope you are well!!

Today I finished a new sweet girl painting, she was inspired by my niece who has beautiful golden brown hair and green eyes.
I had lots of fun painting her, from creating a layered background, drawing the form of the girl as well as adding details.

All of which I will be able to show you in a free video tutorial for this painting which will go up on my YouTube channel here YouTube Joanne Seale

I cant wait to see the sweet girls that you create too, please join my new Facebook group to be notified as soon as the Video Tutorial is published.
Video Tutorial Facebook Group

You will also be able to share your creations here!!

whimsical sweet girl and bird painting art joanne seale

whimsical sweet girl and bird painting art joanne seale

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New ‘You Art Art’ Drop* – Shimmer Pink Art Leggings!!!

It’s time for my ‘You Are Art’ drop #2!!
These delightful Shimmer Pink Art Leggings are perfect for the gym, yoga or just wearing every day to add some art to your life!!
Click here to view the available sizes and delivery details
art leggings joanne seale
art leggings joanne seale

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