Ermine moth painting

I painted an Ermine moth, one of these moths flew into my bedroom recently and I spent ages looking at it and photographing it, they are truly beautiful.

Rare moth in my garden!

I’ve been watching these moths flying around my garden all summer and assumed they were butterflies, as they fly during the day. However one flew into the kitchen (I love the kitchen nature trail during the summer when I leave the door open and the light on at night) and I had the chance to…

New art journal page – Lady Hawkmoth

I decided to paint a new art journal page with an Elephant Hawk-moth and lady, it’s sort of supposed to describe how nature is both in us and around us.. :)

New art page – There is just us..

I made this page using all my Lifebook 2014 lessons. I drew the heads before reading a book about proportion and perspective in human faces.. I managed to correct some of the wrongness but think it adds a bit of interest :P Painting dark skin is very hard, the way it reflects light is almost…