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Ever After 2016 – Snow White work in progress

Hello all, I hope you are well and looking forward to the weekend? It’s going to be HOT here in London so I might just stay in my ‘woman cave’ and paint all weekend :) not really I will be visiting my sister and doing a riverside walk.
I also need to tame my garden, it was always supposed to be a wildlife garden but things have become a bit too overgrown this year.
Here is the beginnings of a painting I’m making for the Snow White – Ever After 2016 class, I still have a long way to go with it but I’m liking it so far.
I’ve also started a Patreon page to host some of my ‘Watch me paint’ videos, please do take a look if you enjoy watching people paint to nice music with voice overs :)
snow white painting art wip joanne seale

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Hi, I feel I haven’t been here for ages! I put my painting on hold for a while as I moved jobs and am also in the middle of planning the refurbishment of my home ahead of a possible move.
A lot has happened over the last few weeks but I managed to do some painting over the weekend! whoo..
The job move (I just changed departments) has gone really well and I’m getting stuck into using After Effects again after a long break. It’s such an amazing program for making motion graphics and adding effects to video.
I’ve also found a new area to possibly move to, it has everything I like – history, nature and artiness. I’m trying to visit it as much as possible to see if I still like it after the novelty has worn off ;)

I did some sketching in my art journal and tested my new Dylusions paints, they are AMAZING! highly pigmented in bright colours and transparent, such a joy to use, I’ve been using them with my new Tombow watercolour markers and they seem to be made for each other.
I’m really happy to be working in my art journal again, its soo freeing!
I should have more paintings from my Ever After 2016 course to share soon too
art journal painting joanne seale

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