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Hello.. taking things slowly

Hello, I hope you are all well and looking forward to the festive season. I’ve been taking things a bit slowly over the past couple of weeks, mainly because I’ve been catching up on sleep! I had secondary acoustic glazing installed and for the first time in over a year I have not been woken up in the early hours of the morning by aircraft.. whoo hoo. My natural sleep cycle starts at 2-3am so being woken up every morning at 6am was not good!!
So I celebrated by sleeping.. lots.. :)
Last week I went to my first ever life drawing class in Covent Garden, it was a bit nerve wracking but everyone was very friendly and it was great to see lots of different styles of drawing and learn from more experienced artists.
Here is my attempt..
life drawing class

I got some new art supplies, including some amazing FW ink in pearlescent colours.
Whilst creating I often have Twitch Creative open on my ipad and one of the artists I follow called ‘Niffiner’ told me that FW actually stands for ‘F*****g Wonderful’ as the people at Daler Rowney were so impressed with their creation :)
Here are some backgrounds I created using the FW ink, and yes it is F’ing Wonderful!
shimmer pink small
blue abyss small

I will be creating a new paper cutting template this week, one with a festive theme, I’ll also create a tutorial so you can make your own version from scratch.. :)
That’s it for now!


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Morning Walk

It has been a delightful morning, I’ve been continuing my health and wellbeing drive with daily walks, this will be my fourth week of walking and eating 5-a-day (mostly) and I’m definitely feeling better for it, my stomach is flatter, my skin clearer and the initial blisters and sore legs have all gone away.

Its been really nice to connect with the city on foot, I cycle commuted to and from stations for 6 years until a year ago when I felt central London roads were too dangerous. I’ve been missing the sense of being in the city, at street level.

Here is today’s photo, I was inspired by spires and the blue sky.

London photography Joanne Seale



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London walk and graphite face 

This morning I took a stroll pasts the Royal Courts of Justice, I love that archway :)

And here is a quick graphite pencil sketch of a face that I made last night.

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New Painting – Lady and insects

Hi all, I’ve been arting away this weekend whilst the weather here, on the edge of London has been cold, windy and wet.

I took the time to complete a painting that had been sitting in a ‘prepped’ state for months.

indian lady and insects painting joanne seale

I wanted to practice drawing insects using a lot of line work, I’ve realised that my insects tend to lack antenna and legs.. but hey..

I also used it as an opportunity to try out some new fresco finish chalk acrylic paints. I think I like these so much because they look a bit like gouache, but are permanent. I’ve been mixing them with other paints to create some nice tones.. Here is a selection of my blues..

Paper artsy fresco finish chalk acrylic

I also finished a life book lesson by the lovely Tamara Laporte featuring a feather.

Breathe and let go painting joanne seale

During the week I continued to work on my health and well-being, walking for 1.5 hrs per day, and trying to eat 5-a-day… which is a lot harder than it sounds. This week I’m preparing all my lunches in advance to help pack as much juicy goodness into my diet as possible.

Here are some photos taking during my walks through London.


london walks 23rd feb joanne seale

That’s it for now.





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London walks and a bit of a ramble

Instagram photos from my London walks. London walks photography joanne seale I’ve been on a health kick recently, and started a health and wellbeing regime :) including walking for at least an hour per day and trying to eat 5-a-day (fruit and veg) every day. I’ve been plotting my progress on the fleetly and 5 A Day apps. I’ve really enjoyed the walks and eating healthy food and have realised that trying to eat 5-a-day is as good as being on a diet, you cannot physically eat much more as the fibre really fills you up. Last week I made a some lovely meals including, vegetable curry, cabbage and swede cheesy bake and an oriental aubergine and pepper dish. I’ve also been using my walks as photography trips and for listening to audio books. It was really cool listening to a BBC Radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and passing some of the landmarks mentioned in ‘London Below’ such as ‘The Night’s Bridge’, ‘The Angel Islington’ and ‘The Black Friars’. By the end of the week I had surpassed 7 hrs of moderate exercise and managed 6 days of a full 5-a-day diet. However it was pretty painful, I had 2 inch blisters on my feet, constant headaches and sore muscles in my legs. These have all abated now, the blisters were due to wearing in my new and very lovely Wolky boots, I found that eating sweeter fruit stopped my low blood sugar headaches and my legs are no longer aching after resting them at the weekend. :) I’ve been reading a new series of books (on Audible) called ‘The Mortal Instruments’ by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments book coversand am totally hooked, it’s a really intriguing look into a world of Shadowhunters (Nephilim), Downworlders and Mundanes. Totally immersive and a wonderful way to explore London on foot! That’s it for now, will be posting some new art soon though!! xx

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Self-care = being informed

My self-care journey has been working well, I’m feeling a lot more rested and my head actually feels connected to my body again, sleeping is easier and I’m not waking up in the middle of the night sweating.. :)
I guess when overwhelming events happen in our lives our first reaction is denial, I tend to think that just having a positive outlook will make everything ok.. yes I have a hippy in me :)
But when I realise it’s not working hiding seems to be a better option, usually this means getting a new gadget and becoming consumed by it, I am loving my new iphone.. ;)
But the only thing that will really help is becoming more informed, learning more about the issues affecting me and knowing how and where to get help.

My new painting was originally going to be a woman wearing glasses with reflections of a book and a computer in each of the lenses (to represent seeking advice and information) but the woman turned into a man, and I didn’t want to cover his eyes so painted some trees to represent knowledge, using my much neglected gouache paints.
more below..
being informed painting joanne seale

His skin is a matt brown colour which was a lot easier to paint than shiny dark skin and I made the texture in his hair using paper cuts collaged using gesso, then a layer of black paint. I lightly dabbed the paper cuts with white acrylic to add highlights, then added translucent glimmer mist and dylusions spray inks to give colour and a bit of shine.
The background is Neocolour II water soluble crayon.

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Self Care = Eating ‘Market Fresh’ Vietnamese food :)

I managed to haul my arse into work today, I’m still feeling a bit whoosie but it’s ok.

Here is my favourite lunch, Chicken Cha Cha Com from a local Vietnamese place
Chicken Cha Cha Com vietnamese

I’m sure they put drugs in the food because I feel so good after eating it, it’s only chicken, rice and salad with dressing, so I can’t imagine why else it’s so addictive..

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