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New horse sketch..

Helloooo! Happy Saturday!

I’ve literally just finished sketching this horses head in charcoal, it’s the first time I used charcoal and it’s so lush.

The background was made from layers of gold, yellow and brown paint.

I need to make another of these in black paint as that was the original idea, but will keep this one too.

The horse is sketched from one of the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum.

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Design Museum 2017 – **video

Hello, I visited the new Design Museum in London last month as it had moved from the South Bank near London Bridge to it’s new home in Kensington High Street on the site of the former Commonwealth Building.

I initially went on a hunt for images of the Technics 1200 turntable for a project that I’m working on, but when I saw that a new Ferrari exhibition was on I decided to take a look.
ferrari under the skin design museum london joanne seale

It is probably the best designed exhibition I’ve been to, second only to the amazing armour galleries of the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow

arms and armour gallery Kelvingrove museum Glasgow joanne seale

On arrival you walk into a cubical filled with red light, now I knew I was sensitive to colour and light but this was something else, I couldn’t breath and felt as if I was being attacked by the light, I started choking lol it was so funny.

Here is a video of my visit, I filmed it in my ‘Alien Eyes’ style of filming as i call it.. lol enjoy!

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Video** Painting the watercolour mix tape cassette

I made a video of myself painting the watercolour mix tape and there is a special visit to the Design Museum in London at the end.
I hope you enjoy it :)

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Art journaling in bed

Watercolour and gouache


Inktense blocks and a Geninne Zlatkis journal activity page


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Elephant Hawkmoth painting

I decided to paint an Elephant Hawkmoth for use in another painting as a collage element.
elephant hawkmoth painting joanne seale

elephant hawkmoth drawing joanne seale

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New art journal page – Seek

I made an art journal page using some of my Lifebook lessons.
I used acrylic paint, watersoluble crayon, gesso, acrylic ink, posca pens and inktense to create it, with about 10 million layers :P

seek art journal page joanne seale

As the lady appeared I thought she looked like a nomad, which brought up a question in my mind about seeking, as nomads usually seek water, food, shelter etc etc.

I came to the conclusion that when seeking things the journey is just as important as finding that which you seek :)

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Limited colour palette – Scary Vampire Woman

This Lifebook 2014 class required us to use a limited colour palette, I used 3 colours of acrylic paint on some pretty cheap watercolour paper from The Works… the paper started flaking off after a few layers so will be sticking to the Langton paper for heavily layered work.
I blended the acrylics using both wet and dry brush techniques as well as some glazing.

I’ve no idea why I ended up painting a scary vampire woman, I think maybe I’ve been playing too much Elder Scrolls – Skyrim! I even decided to give her a shadowmark tattoo :)

lifebook limited colour scary vampire woman

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