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Painting x-ray style flowers – January calendar journal page

Phew! I just managed to get January’s calendar art journal page uploaded in time :). This month I tried to create flowers in an x-ray style using both transparent and opaque acrylic paint. The technique involved creating wispy smoke-like paint strokes on a dark background of black gesso.
I have a process video below the photo.
Next time I will be showing you my new art journal for 2016, I’ve decided to use a Paperchase scrapbook album and will be testing it with a variety of different paints :).
january X-ray flowers painting joanne seale


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Pink Lady is finished

This was a painting made for a Willowing Fabulous Faces class on limited colour portraits.
I worked up a sketch that had pretty quirky facial proportions then added hair (I need to work on hair) and other embellishments including a rose and a scrolling design which is now mostly covered over.
I started by creating a background with watercolour and Inktense blocks (Love them!) then used my favourite stencil with gloss medium which created a resist.
I have added a fast forward video below.
I will have a new video to share with you very soon, it will be a step by step painting (with voiceover) of an xrayed flower for my January art journal calendar page. :)
pink girl mixed media painting joanne seale

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Pink Girl – working up a sketch

I’ve been working on this picture of a limited colour portrait which was part of a Willowing, Fabulous Faces lesson.

It’s going quite slowly as the facial proportions are a bit quirky and I had to use neutrals in order to attain the values needed for shading.

I used a stencil and clear gloss gel in the upper right corner then covered it with paint using a baby wipe, the decorative detail in the upper left is copied from a decorated lock I saw in the Victoria and Albert museum.

sketch joanne seale

decorative detail



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Some of my video work

I do a lot of work with video, which I usually keep on a separate blog, but thought I’d share a couple of things here too.
Here is a showreel I made for Rex features, they are a celebrity photo agency who have recently teamed up with Shutterstock

And this is a British Movietone News showreel that I made for a recent partnership with ITN Source.

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RIP David Bowie

A bowie-esque image I made a while ago…, Bowie had a huge impact on me, seeing him at Live Aid, watching ‘The man who fell to earth’ in a¬†university library I used to sneak into whilst at school, hearing ‘Heroes’ playing during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. He is a real icon and someone whose style, energy and nerve helped to found a generation of creative risk takers.

Bowie painting joanne seale

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Watch me paint a woman’s back with angel wings

I made a fast forward painting video of a woman’s back in acrylic and water-soluble crayon.

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New painting – a woman’s back

I recently finished this painting of a woman’s back inspired by a life book 2015 class by Donna Downey.
I also have a process video to share tomorrow.
womans back painting Joanne seale

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