New art page – There is just us..


I made this page using all my Lifebook 2014 lessons. I drew the heads before reading a book about proportion and perspective in human faces.. I managed to correct some of the wrongness but think it adds a bit of interest :P
there is just us painting joanne seale

Painting dark skin is very hard, the way it reflects light is almost surreal, I think due to the reflections being caused by the structure of skin cells and hairs rather than pigmentation.
I worked with many thin layers of paint, adding shadows and highlights then knocking them back with the next layer.
The lady was supposed to be a ‘high yeller’ octoroon type colour with ginger dreads…

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  1. architasters says:

    I agree with you. The imperfection make the painting more interesting. The long necks remind me of Modigliani and the brush strokes of Gauguin. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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