Tutorial – Make a Midori planner with paper and gesso

The internet seems to have gone Midori crazy! It’s beautiful yet simple design as well as it’s flexibility as a journal, planner or notebook has inspired many people to get creative. I decided to try to make my own using paper and gesso after seeing how my paper stencils became more supple and durable after a coating of acrylic gesso was painted on them. The gesso plasticises the paper to look and feel more like vinyl or faux leather. So let’s get started!! :) midori joanne seale fauxdori   Firstly take some cardstock or watercolour paper and decorate it with spray inks, I’m using Dylusions inks as the colours will stain the gesso giving a more layered effect. Decorate both sides of the paper. DSC_5203   Then using acrylic gesso, spread it onto the paper using an old store card, this gives a very thin and even coverage of gesso. Gesso both sides with 2 layers leaving the paper to throroughly dry between layers.DSC_5208 DSC_5212 I made one last layer of gesso, scraping it through a stencil to give an organic leather grain effect. DSC_5213 Once this was throughly dry I rubbed acrylic ink onto the surface so it highlighted the raised surface of the stencilled gesso, I then went over it again with a baby wipe which had been dabbed in some acrylic ink. DSC_5215 I also stained the inside cover in the same way, although I did not use a stencil. DSC_5217 I then made holes for the elastic notebook holders. I decided to make my own version of the threading making a hole in the center of the cover for the elastic tie, then more holes at the top and bottom as shown below. Mine are about a cm apart and a cm in from the edge of the cover. You will need to make 3 holes at the bottom and 2 at the top. (mine were a bit wonky..) If you make the holes from the outside in, it looks a bit neater, you can dab a little ink on the holes if the white paper shows through the puncture. I also rounded the edges of my cover. DSC_5218 Then thread some elastic string (I used metallic elastic string from Tiger, it was very pretty but I think I will use thicker elastic next time) through the centre, from outside to inside, add a charm or bead if you desire, then thread the other end of the elastic through the same hole and tie it on the inside. DSC_5220 DSC_5222 Then thread a long piece of elastic (it needs to be about 2 and a half times the height of the cover) through the bottom right hole and tie make a double knot on the inside. DSC_5225 Then thread it from the outside into the bottom centre hole. DSC_5227 Then up to the top centre hole. DSC_5228 Then from the outside into the top left hole and down through the bottom left hole. DSC_5229 Then back through the bottom centre hole from the outside in, and tie it to the elastic already there. DSC_5231 You can then trim all the ends of the knots and add your signatures of paper, or notebooks, DSC_5235 I would love to see your versions of the Midori and if you  follow my threading style please let me know how it worked for you in the comments below. :) xx

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