Shout out time..

It’s time for me to introduce you to a few dear friends.
Firstly my mentor Marc Silver presented his new film 3 1/2 minutes at the Sundance film festival yesterday. The film covers the murder trial of Jordan Davis with this message ‘The more we see each other as human beings, the less inevitable will be violent outcomes from racial bias and disparate cultures colliding.’
Marc inspired me to start VJing 10yrs ago and along with his partner at Yeast Productions taught me how to shoot film and mix clips, I then went on to cover tours for them and contribute to shows for Courtney Pine, Nitin Sawhney, Dennis Rollins etc etc. One of Marc’s films also inspired me to start painting :)
marc silver

Next up, my friend Evan Raskob is in the guardian today p45, he teaches coding and design at Ravensbourne College and also taught me the coding language ‘Processing’ many years ago :)
evan raskob

And lastly VJ mates Funk Cutter and Emma Plunket recently posted a photo of when we all vj’d in Trafalgar Square for the festival ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ many moons ago. It brought back dear memories :)
funk cutter

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