New microscope with camera :)

I unexpectedly got a Bresser Biolux NV microscope with USB camera for xmas, it’s a good hobbyist microscope with 4x, 10x and 40x objectives, the kit came with some prepared specimens and even some shrimp eggs and an incubator for growing them, as well as spare slides and cover slips

Here are some captures from the included slides :








And here is a video capture that has been processed as b&w and inverted

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  1. kristyon says:

    Got my daughter the same model. Really impressed, she loves it. Could do with a better camera though. Will try to hack a multi- megapixle camera on to it later on.

    1. Joanne Seale says:

      Yes the camera is a bit dodgy, I saw the camera hack on youtube, but found that just holding a camera in front of the eyepiece was good enough for decent image captures using the microsoft built in webcam capture program.

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