The dark side..

The biology of cells has always fascinated me, I follow a few flickr groups on the subject and have been very impressed by the work of  Tatcher a Hainu

Flower stalk of a dalia by Tatcher a Hainu

I like the way he stains his specimens and and the level of detail in his photography.

However it is Darkfield microscopy that really inspires me due to the high contrast levels and black backgrounds which make it suitable for projection and video mixing.

Here is a superb example of micro-videography, a capture of the algae Volvox…

Volvox aureus, darkfield moves by Jens Hallfeldt

From what I can gather he used a professional microscope, the Olympus CH40, a very nice DSLR, the Canon 5dII and a Zeiss Ultracondenser.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. wow – this is awesome. A flower stalk is prettier than a flower. Looks like a mosaic :)

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  3. Hi,
    thx for the compliment on my Volvox video.
    It was made using a Zeiss Standard 18 microscope
    not a Olympus A40.

    1. Joanne Seale says:

      Hi Jens :)
      Thanks for the clarification.

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