From Karl Blossfeldt to Lewisham waterways

I was feeling inspired by Karl Blossfeldt today.

I love the way he used symmetry, contrast and form to create plant photographs that induce a sense of wonder.

So I packed up my tiny compact Lumix DMC-FS30 and headed over to the Bromley to Lewisham cycle trail which includes the recently completed River View Walk which is a delightful wild space spanning at least 3 boroughs.

Along the walk I found a number of seed heads and other graphic plant elements to photograph and further process at home, and was quite surprised at the capabilities of the fixed lens of the Lumix, it also included a macro zoom feature for quite detailed close-ups. I also like the graininess of the imagery, which comes from the relatively high ISO of 800 and the capabilities of the camera, making the picture black and white whilst increasing the contrast also helped to bring out a timeless quality in the imagery.

I will try to experiment more in this area.

There were many people enjoying the urban wilderness including lots of fellow photographers, cyclists, skaters, people fishing and just hanging out.

When I finally arrived in Lewisham centre the market was humming with the sound of busy shoppers purchasing the cheapest veg in London! I managed to get 7 peppers, 8 avocados, 6 sweet potatoes, 7 green bananas (a Jamaican delicacy) and a pineapple for just £5!

I will certainly be going there again..

Buddleia seed head

Teasel seed head  (Dipsacus)

unknown seed head

unknown seed head 2

Ivy seed heads (Hedera helix)

See more in my flickr stream here

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