New Painting ‘Sankofa’ – Acrylic on Canvas

sankofa painting art joanne seale

Heloooo and welcome to my new look blog! I hope you like the new layout etc, I will be adding new sections and features over the coming weeks so please watch this space.

As you know I have recently migrated to working on canvas and wow! I had no idea how good it would feel, for some reason working on a fairly large canvas gives you more freedom of expression and allows you to explore new creative areas.

The painting above consists of two Adinkra symbols known as Sankofa which means ‘Learn from your mistakes’ or ‘It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten’

Adinkra symbols originate from the Ashanti Kingdom of West Africa where they are used to represent proverbs or concepts, usually printed on cloth.

I’m hoping to create more works on canvas, below are a few things that are in progress.

work in progress art painting joanne seale

Tuareg man painting art joanne seale

Tuareg man painting art joanne seale

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