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New Quotes Lady* You Are Enough – Acrylic Ink and Paint on Paper

Hello everyone! I hope you are well?
Yesterday I finished another quotes lady!! Whoo! In this painting I wanted to express how often we can look outside ourselves for validation and assurance that everything is ok.
But I think it is true to say that resting in ones self and being true to yourself can offer the best sense of wholeness and security possible.
It can take a lot of work to get to that stage, a lot of people refer to this as ‘The Work’ but I think it is a journey we all need to go on for a more fulfilling life.

you are enough painting art joanne seale


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New Painting * Elephant Hawk Moth – Acrylic on Canvas

I love painting moths! It has been a while since I’ve made a nature painting so I decided to paint a Elephant Hawk-Moth!

The colours are delicious, like strawberry and lemon sorbet, it’s form is so sublime and aerodynamic that I decided to accentuate the lines to create an almost arrow-like shape.

It makes me wonder how many millions of years it took for nature to create something of such perfection. Can you imagine if you or I were given that task??

This will be the first canvas that I am putting up for sale, I am learning to let go of my paintings and offer them to new homes :)
Please find the details of the sale here

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

Elephant Hawk Moth – Acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm (Joanne Seale)

Please use the contact form here for enquiries

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

elephant hawk moth painting art joanne seale

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Art for your screens May edition! – A Womans Back with Angel Wings

Yay! its May! And time for a cool new ‘Art for your Screens’!
This month we are celebrating the colour Blue! As this is my favourite colour! And Jay-Z’s too so I am told.. :)

This artwork will look fantastic illuminated by your screen, as the colour blue seems to come to life when touched by white light.
The digital file can be found in my etsy shop here

womans back with angel wings art for screens joanne seale painting

I painted this piece to explore the contours of a female back and also to develop my style of painting that features a lot of ethereal transparency.

I have linked a video below which shows a speed paint of how I approached the construction of this piece.

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