New whimsical painting – Sweet girl and cat


So, I finally managed to complete a new whimsical illustration! Yay! It felt so good to be painting with bright colours using some of my favourite supplies.
It also amazed me as to how easy it was to get back into the flow of it.. I guess painting is like riding a bike, you can’t really unlearn it but it does take a lot of practice to get better at it :)

Which brings me to a cool new tool that I’ve been using to track and keep on top of all my creative and life projects. Its an app called Habitica and was recommended to me by the lovely Rhomany of ‘Rhomany’s Realm’ it turns your tasks and to-do lists into a sort of game that gives rewards as you reach your goals. It has been working great so far. :)
I’ll also have a video to share of the painting process soon.
Cute girl and cat painting joanne seale

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