Some books I have enjoyed recently


Hi, here are a list of books and book series that I’ve really enjoyed.

Some of them are in the young adult fantasy genre which I find has some fresh and imaginative writing. I also listen to them on Audible as a well trained narrator can really bring a book alive with different voices for characters and give a sense of immersion akin to the early storytellers whose tales resonated around camp fires :)

Firstly ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series by Cassandra Clare.

The Mortal Instruments book covers

I absolutely adored this, listening to it on audible was such a treat, set in contemporary New York but not as we know it, with ‘tattoo’ marked Shadowhunters who enforce the accords amongst Downworlders who are part demon, including a delightful warlock called Magnus Bane who enjoys covering himself in glitter.. 

Clare’s world building it amazing and this book is very intriguing.

 I am currently reading ‘The daughter of smoke and bone’ by Laini Taylor again on Audible.


This book is amazing, filled with weird creatures including a stunning angel with fire wings and the protagonist is a Polish girl who collects teeth…

I couldn’t put this down.

 A couple of dystopian books

‘The girl with all the gifts’ by M. R. Carey –  this is really interesting and creepy, fungus infected zombies etc etc

 the girl with all the gifts

‘Divergent’ by Veronica Roth, this book was disturbing and too much for me , it’s a bit like the Hunger Games.


 Something completely different is

‘A Signature of all Things’ by Elizabeth Gilbert – This book is amazing, its about a botanist.. that’s all I can say really…

signature of all things

 That’s all for now..

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