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Life Book 2017 painting – Finding Peace

I finished another life book lesson! This painting represents finding peace within a busy urban environment, as some of you may know in 2015 I experienced a huge change in the peacefulness of my area when a concentrated flight path for Heathrow Airport was diverted to over my home with no warning!!! I am moving!!
Finding Peace painting joanne seale


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Watch me paint this whimsical girl with her pet ginger tom cat

Hello again, I am back with the video of my sweet girl and cat painting, I’ve added text to explain the steps taken towards making her and set it to relaxing music.
This weekend will be a busy one for me as I have a number of different projects to catch up on and new ones to start too!!
More on this later.
Health and fitness wise I’ve managed to find a diet that suits me quite well, it’s not really a diet but more a way of eating that is in line with maintaining a healthy body.
I will also start going to the gym next week… hopefully.. lol I’ll let you know if I manage to do it. In the meanwhile I’m continuing with my youtube workouts!! :)

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New Sweet Girl and Cat painting :)

I managed to finish another sweet girl and cat painting, I am much happier with this one as I feel I gave it my full attention whilst taking it very slowly, enjoying the process of painting and figuring out how I wanted her to look etc.
She came out a bit lighter in skin tone than I expected, I think ‘High Yella’ is the term used in the USA :D
My next painting will feature a girl wth much darker skin and possibly plaits.

Generally life has been good, I am really getting into my fitness and healthy lifestyle changes, I have been on a mission to see my abs!! but I have no idea if they actually exist :D I have cut quite a lot of things from my diet such as dairy, wheat (mostly), processed foods, alcohol (mostly) etc and have been doing a number of different youtube exercise routines… they are amazing!!! More on this in my next post!!

sweet girl and cat painting joanne seale


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November calendar art journal page

My November calendar art journal page is finished, I used paper cuts and hand painted elements on this page to give the feel of a whimsical winter landscape. It also features my little bird called Fredi who seems to have popped up in a lot of paintings recently. I painted some of the paper cuts with my new shimmery pearl FW acrylic ink.. I love it! Check out the step by step video below the photos for more info on how I created this page. In December I will be trying to paint a reindeer..
November calendar art journal painting joanne seale
November calendar art journal painting joanne sealeNovember calendar art journal painting joanne seale

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Step by step cute girl and bird painting

I recorded a step by step video of painting my whimsy cute girl and bird, I hope you enjoy it. :)

cute girl and bird whimsy mixed media painting joanne seale

cute girl and bird whimsy mixed media painting joanne seale

cute girl and bird whimsy mixed media painting joanne seale

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New whimsy painting – Cute girl and her pet bird

I recently finished this colourful whimsical painting of a cute girl with her pet bird.
Cute whimsy girl painting Joanne Seale

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New nymph painting – Melia

Hi all, I’ve finally managed to upload my nymph painting, she is Melia, a wood nymph who lives in a remote northern ash forest. She is quite surprised to see a hummingbird flying around and wonders about the far away tropical lands from which it came.
Melia wood nymph painting joanne seale
I guess that the if I had made the hummingbird smaller and moved it in a bit I could have fit the wings in, but I’ve never drawn or painted a hummingbird before so wanted to keep it as big as possible.
The painting was made using neocolor II water-soluble crayons, acrylic paint and painted paper cuts.

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