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Finding Peace – Music/Art video

Hello!! I decided to make a new format of painting fast forward video which is more like a music video. I used to mix live visuals at events when I started my creative journey and it was fun to incorporate some of thos clips into a painting fast forward. The music is ‘I Saw You’ by Black Sun Empire

I’ve always loved Drum and Bass music, mostly because it is hectic and chaotic, which weirdly enough makes me feel more relaxed..¬† lol

As a little bonus here is one of the first videos I ever produced! It was filmed at a warehouse party callled the ‘Ministry of Unsound’ which was run by a freind, we had some amazingly wonderful times there!!



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Life Book 2017 painting – Finding Peace

I finished another life book lesson! This painting represents finding peace within a busy urban environment, as some of you may know in 2015 I experienced a huge change in the peacefulness of my area when a concentrated flight path for Heathrow Airport was diverted to over my home with no warning!!! I am moving!!
Finding Peace painting joanne seale

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Vlog** Christmas lights in Regent Street, London

Hello, I hope you are having a fantastic Christmas! and are looking forward to the year ahead! I know I am :)
I made a short vlog below which also features some of the festive sights in Regent Street, london. :)

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Video** Painting the watercolour mix tape cassette

I made a video of myself painting the watercolour mix tape and there is a special visit to the Design Museum in London at the end.
I hope you enjoy it :)

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Bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting

Hi all, I’m sharing some of my painted sketches from a few months ago starting with this one of a bronze leaping cat, I saw it at the British Museum and adored the design, style, aesthetic, the form and colour. It is simply adorable so I decided to sketch it too..
I love this cat..
bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting joanne seale

bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting joanne seale

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RIP David Bowie

A bowie-esque image I made a while ago…, Bowie had a huge impact on me, seeing him at Live Aid, watching ‘The man who fell to earth’ in a¬†university library I used to sneak into whilst at school, hearing ‘Heroes’ playing during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. He is a real icon and someone whose style, energy and nerve helped to found a generation of creative risk takers.

Bowie painting joanne seale

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Brick Lane and the Museum of Childhood

Hello all, Cha-guy and I spent most of Sunday wandering around Brick lane Market in London’s East End before heading off to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green where we reminisced about space invaders games, stickle bricks, baby alive dolls – they ate and poo’ed! old advert here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA8RsYEr_J8, plus a whole variety of other toys and activities from our childhood.
You really should pay the museum a visit, it’s open every day and entry is free. http://www.museumofchildhood.org.uk/

Here are a few photos from Brick Lane.
The Eli-Octopus street art.. it’s kinda cute..
elioctopus large

elioctopus brick lane street art

We spotted a man selling coffee sacks..

Man selling coffee sacks Brick Lane Market

Some not so smiley London street art..
smiley london brick lane market street art
And some interesting things at a junk shop..
glucose dfield dressing

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