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Video** Painting the watercolour mix tape cassette

I made a video of myself painting the watercolour mix tape and there is a special visit to the Design Museum in London at the end.
I hope you enjoy it :)


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Bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting

Hi all, I’m sharing some of my painted sketches from a few months ago starting with this one of a bronze leaping cat, I saw it at the British Museum and adored the design, style, aesthetic, the form and colour. It is simply adorable so I decided to sketch it too..
I love this cat..
bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting joanne seale

bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting joanne seale

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RIP David Bowie

A bowie-esque image I made a while ago…, Bowie had a huge impact on me, seeing him at Live Aid, watching ‘The man who fell to earth’ in a university library I used to sneak into whilst at school, hearing ‘Heroes’ playing during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics. He is a real icon and someone whose style, energy and nerve helped to found a generation of creative risk takers.

Bowie painting joanne seale

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Brick Lane and the Museum of Childhood

Hello all, Cha-guy and I spent most of Sunday wandering around Brick lane Market in London’s East End before heading off to the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green where we reminisced about space invaders games, stickle bricks, baby alive dolls – they ate and poo’ed! old advert here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA8RsYEr_J8, plus a whole variety of other toys and activities from our childhood.
You really should pay the museum a visit, it’s open every day and entry is free. http://www.museumofchildhood.org.uk/

Here are a few photos from Brick Lane.
The Eli-Octopus street art.. it’s kinda cute..
elioctopus large

elioctopus brick lane street art

We spotted a man selling coffee sacks..

Man selling coffee sacks Brick Lane Market

Some not so smiley London street art..
smiley london brick lane market street art
And some interesting things at a junk shop..
glucose dfield dressing

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National Maritime Museum

A couple of weeks ago Cha guy and I decided to visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. I had spent most of my teen years in Greenwich and nearby Kidbrooke and Blackheath but had never visited the museum so it was quite exciting.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

On arrival I immediately recognised a large fresnel lens which had been used to amplify light from the Tarbat Ness Lighthouse in Scotland.

fresnel lens

fresnel lens

My interest in fresnel lenses comes from their use as a magnifying glass in flea circuses after I had found this amazing clip of performing fleas archive footage in the British Pathe catalogue

performing flea circus

performing flea circus

This link is from my archive footage blog, if you click on the picture it will take you to the video

I also managed to visit the ‘Voyager’ video installation that I had given archive footage advice on a few years ago and had been created by ‘The Light Surgeons’

Voyagers exhibition installation

Voyagers exhibition installation

Here are some more interesting exhibits.

Bulldog and Union Jack ship's figure

Bulldog and Union Jack ship’s figure

ship badges

ship badges

ship figures

ship figures

model ship

model ship

Afer wandering around the museum we decided to sit in Greenwich Park and do some sketching, here is my sketch of a fountain inside the herb garden.

Greenwich Park fountain sketch

Greenwich Park fountain sketch

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I’ve finally finished my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ you can read a little about it below :)

Hortus explores the relationship between natural and urban environments, it takes the viewer on a journey of discovery through the presence, form and processes of vegetal nature found throughout cities but often overlooked and ignored.

Urban Nature

urban nature - tree green chain walk londonurban nature - corrugated iron fence weed plants londonurban nature - tree green chain walk london

Part 1 – ‘Urban nature’ features a tree as a metaphysical central character binding the human psyche with the non human and was inspired by Malcolm Le Grice’s Berlin Horse.

Filmed at various London man made linear green spaces that finger their way through concrete and brick, including the Green Chain Walk in South East London, The disused railway line Parkland Walk in North London and the Lea Valley towpath walk in East London.

Abstract nature

Part 2 – ‘Abstract nature’ was inspired by the representation of nature in abstract form in the work of Karl Blossfeldt and Paul Prudence.

achillia yarrow nature Londonabstract nature - foxtail lilly Eremurus robustusabstract nature - rose london

Featuring plants found in and around London it invites the viewer to look deeper into the geometric forms and structures of nature.
An attempt is made to induce a hypnotic mental state through forced motion within the imagery and optical fixation.

Unseen light

Part 3 – ‘Unseen light’ was inspired by the plant processes and light harvesting structures involved in photosynthesis, I wanted to convey something of the unseen quality of this phenomenon, which starts with light in the visible spectrum hitting chloroplast reaction centres and starting a chain of protein folding reactions.

unseen light - wellington arch london infraredunseen light - royal st james' palace london infraredunseen light - crystal palace dinosaurs infrared

Light in the infrared spectrum is reflected and it was this light (invisible to the naked eye) which was captured to make the video, using specialist camera filters.

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Lee Valley in infrared

My 3rd attempt at infrared  along the Lee (Lea) Valley Canal towpath in East London.

It was an amazing bright day so i jumped on my bike and headed to east london via the East London Line from New Cross.

I had originally intended on filming plants along the waterside for my live cinema show ‘Hortus’ (currently in development), but as I had my stills camera with me, I slapped on the Hoya filter and snapped away.


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