New Painting * Elephant Hawk Moth – Acrylic on Canvas

I love painting moths! It has been a while since I’ve made a nature painting so I decided to paint a Elephant Hawk-Moth! The colours are delicious, like strawberry and lemon sorbet, it’s form is so sublime and aerodynamic that I decided to accentuate the lines to create an almost arrow-like shape. It makes me…

New Painting – The Jewel in the Lotus

Hello! Joanne here, I cant believe I didn’t post this painting yet, as it was completed some weeks ago. It was inspired by a Life Book 2019 lesson and will also be available as an Art For Your Screens Digital download.

Super cute animal boxes – Tutorial

In this video I will be making the cute rabbit box which I like to fill with lots of treats, or even little baby rabbits! I hope you enjoy the video!! :)

TBT** Ostara carrying the springtime in her hair :)

I made this painting several years ago when I had just starting painting, it was part of a Life Book 2014 lesson taught by Tamara Laporte, I made my version into the goddess Ostara and she is carrying the springtime in her hair!! I love this painting so much, I might even turn it into…

Bronze leaping cat, Zhou Dynasty, China 400 bc painting

Hi all, I’m sharing some of my painted sketches from a few months ago starting with this one of a bronze leaping cat, I saw it at the British Museum and adored the design, style, aesthetic, the form and colour. It is simply adorable so I decided to sketch it too.. I love this cat..

RIP my lovely Sydney, I will always love you xxx

My beautiful cat Sydney died on November 3rd 2016, she was 16, I cant look at her picture without crying so I’m going to leave this post at that, but may add to it later on with more details of our life together etc.

Handmade Green Party Poster :)

Hi all :) I’ve been working on a new paper cutting file whilst trying not to get distracted by my paints.. however I did allow myself painting on Earth Day (April 22nd) and painted a Green Party poster for the general elections which take place here in the UK on May 7th.. I used lots of…

Trip to Arundel in West Sussex, UK

A few weeks ago I took a lovely train trip to Arundel in West Sussex. On arrival I was greeted by the sight of this amazing Norman castle I then had a wander down some of the very pretty and historic streets which seemed to be full of art galleries and antiques shops. I found some…

Oleander Hawk moth painting

Hi all, I’ve finally finished the Oleander Hawk moth painting I’ve been working on over the last week or so. It’s a bit wonky and one side is blended a bit better than the other, it was a challenging first effort!! I will be using it as a collage element in a new moth lady…