Ever After – Snow White progress

I haven’t been here for ages.. sorry about that, it has been a really difficult year for me due to a range of environmental factors that I haven’t spoken about much about here. Its why my creative output has been so low..
However I’m in the process of dealing with this, which will unfortunately mean moving out of my home, I have no idea where I’ll be moving to but hopefully somewhere less noisy and polluted, with more nature, landscapes and historical buildings to inspire me. :)
So all in all its a positive thing and as they say ‘all change is good’.
I think that when we make positive changes in our lives the universe shifts a little to help us on our way, its why standing still is never really a good option although it can be comfortable.
I managed to make a little more progress on Snow White and will try to complete her over the weekend :)
snow white progress joanne sealesnow white progress joanne seale

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