Long time :)

Hello! :) it’s been a while since I’ve been here but I decided to take a break in order to focus on a few other things. I think balance is an important part of life, I tend to work all the time as I have loads of interests and am curious about pretty much everything, plus I have a million and one to-do lists on the go. It takes its toll and some things can be neglected such as health, relationships and domestic affairs so I’m trying to get more balance in my life.. Lets see how that works :P

Here is an art journal page I made in my gorgeous new art journal.. It was inspired by a visit to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London and an earlier visit to the Artists and Empire exhibition at Tate Britain.
I originally thought I wouldn’t share my art journal pages as I wanted to keep them as a private space but I think I’ll show a few now and then.
art journal page joanne sealeart journal page joanne seale
art journal page joanne seale
PS. due to an increase in Etsy fees I will be putting up the prices on my paper cutting templates in April, but you can still get them at the lower price by clicking here

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