Video Tutorial – Make a paper cut wing from scratch :)


Hello, I hope you are all well and enjoying mid-summer :) It was a bit wet and cold in London this weekend plus I hurt my leg in a fall on the Strand in central London (what a sight, I was sprawled all over the pavement) so I stayed in and painted lots of colourful art journal pages (to be published here soon).

I also discovered free demos on my xbox! so I ahem ‘tested’ a few of them and will be getting the full versions of Diablo III and DMC soon :)

Here is the video tutorial for my paper cut wing template, I show you how to draw the wing feathers and prepare them for cutting on an electronic cutter, part 2 includes adding the feathers to the base in an ‘artistic interpretation’ of a real wing :) If you want to just go ahead and cut the wing template without drawing it first, my SVG files are here




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