New painting :)

Hi, I’ve finally finished another painting after taking some time out to work on a new paper cutting template (details to be released soon).

This painting was based on a life book lesson by the lovely Jane Davenport, that I took in another direction.

fire kristine cashore clary cassandra clare painting joanne seale

I used Viva Decor champagne modelling crème and a stencil to create the cloak/wings

viva decor modeling creme

I love the shimmery mother of pearl look that this product has, it comes in various other colours all with a pearlescent quality and I can’t wait to try them.

I tried to replicate this iridescence using acrylic paint in the dress inspired by the wings of a Morpho butterfly, which was somewhat successful.

The runes were inspired by Shadow Hunter ‘marks’ from Cassandra Clare’s ‘Mortal Instruments’. I painted them, then scanned them and cut them on my Cameo, I painted them again before adding to my picture using matt medium.


I think my lady looks like a grown up version of Clary Fray, or even Kristin Cashore’s Fire. :)

I concentrated on using black in this painting and feel I should have used more white highlights, as the picture looks a bit flat…

But all in all it was a good learning curve in terms of using new techniques and practicing painting hair etc etc.


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