New mixed media dream catcher painting – Life Book

I thoroughly enjoyed making this dream catcher from a life book lesson taught by Rachael Rice.

Dream Catcher Painting Joanne Seale

The background was an old painting (I didn’t like) which I firstly covered with a neutral coloured ‘Fresco Finish’ acrylic paint applied with a brayer.

When this was dry I added blobs of my new fave Golden fluid acrylic paint Quinacridone Violet (such a beautiful colour) and blobs of lighter shades of my other new fave brand the Paper Artsy Fresco Finish paints! I love these! they are incredibly opaque and very matt. I find they are great for mixing with the more intense shades of highly pigmented Golden acrylics.

I then scraped the blobs down the page with an old credit card for a nicely blended linear effect :)

Am looking forward to having a bit more of a play with these new paints soon.

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