New painting – Brave courageous


This was a life book lesson where we had to show the passage of time by painting a young face with white hair.

It was also a celebration of everything we have learnt during our year long course, which is now coming to a close.. However I have also signed up for Life Book 2015 YAY!!!!!

Brave courageous painting joanne seale

I thought that looking back on my first life book lesson in April 2014 would be a good way to show my progress throughout the year.

This was my first ever painted portrait made 9 months ago :) I really didn’t know what I was doing and was too scared to add much paint. I remember not really understanding the shading at all and feeling utterly out of my depth, but I did love the painting and hung it on my wall in amazement of what I had just created. :)

ifebook 2014 inner artist guardian

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