New Painting – Taurus

This was supposed to be a new moth lady but the painting had other ideas.. it wanted to be my star-sign Taurus
painting art  taurus joanne seale
I used an old photo of myself to paint the features, but it does not look like me.

Neither am I that into astrology, although I do think I’m a typical Taurean and I’ve had a few weird zodiac experiences.
Including one night whilst I was chatting to someone in a club and a man who had been staring at me intently all night suddenly ran over and said ‘You’re a Taurus aren’t you!’ to which I replied ‘Yes”, he then said ‘I knew it!’ and stormed off… hmmm

Another time I was watching an Indian rock guitarist practice, he had long black hair which he was shaking whilst being all… rocky.. and I jokingly said ‘You look like a lion’ to which he replied ‘That’s because I’m a Leo, also my last name is Singh, which means lion, and I’m a Sikh’ and then continued prancing about the stage shaking his hair..

In other news.
Last weekend I decided to go to the British Museum and sketch my favourite artefact.
ekpe head dress

It’s an Ekpe head dress worn by the Ekoi people of Nigeria and Cameroon.
The Ekpe (leopard) is a secret society.
Whilst researching further I discovered they invented a form of symbolic script known as Nsibidi.
And a further search revealed that it is related to Veve symbols used by the Vodou of Haiti and South America.
I tried to paint a couple with acrylic ink..
veve heart joanne seale art painting
veve cross painting art joanne seale
This has turned into a bit of a mystical, magical blog post!
Probably because I am reading a lot of fantasy novels at the moment (Hunger Games, Bitterblue) and have also started playing the video game Dragon Age: Origins :) in the run up to playing Dragon Age Inquisition which was released last week and appears to have blown everyone away with it’s storyline, graphics and characters.. I cant wait to play it!!
I’ve been watching the opening scene gameplay on youtube and it is beautiful!!
The lighting, the cool colour of the snow in the warm but crisp sunlight, the sharp contrast and colour of the magical effects, so sparkly and glowy and lush and clear…

That’s it for now!!!

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