Oleander Hawk moth painting

Hi all, I’ve finally finished the Oleander Hawk moth painting I’ve been working on over the last week or so.
It’s a bit wonky and one side is blended a bit better than the other, it was a challenging first effort!!
I will be using it as a collage element in a new moth lady painting :)

oleander hawk moth painting joanne seale
In other news I’ve been nursing a sore leg after pulling a muscle whilst clearing brambles in the garden, it came on really suddenly with intense pain (tears, no sleep) then went away really suddenly after 2 days… hmmm

I celebrated Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows Eve by celebrating my ancestors, I found this poem/prayer online
A Prayer to the Ancestors

This is the night when the gateway between
our world and the spirit world is thinnest.
Tonight is a night to call out those who came before.
Tonight I honor my ancestors.
Spirits of my fathers and mothers, I call to you,
and welcome you to join me for this night.
You watch over me always,
protecting and guiding me,
and tonight I thank you.
Your blood runs in my veins,
your spirit is in my heart,
your memories are in my soul.
With the gift of remembrance.
I remember all of you.
You are dead but never forgotten,
and you live on within me,
and within those who are yet to come.

And resisted buying orange things from the supermarket.
I’ve also been following Rhomany’s vlogoween youtube series here. https://m.youtube.com/user/RhomanysRealm
That’s all for now.

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