Lifebook catch up

Hi all, I’ve been busy catching up with my Lifebook 2014 lessons as I’d fallen behind quite a bit, I’ve also signed up for 2 new online classes, Fabulous Faces by Tamara Laporte and Express Yourself by Jane Davenporte, which should keep me busy until Lifebook 2015 starts!! Hurray!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that last weekend I did an amazing cycle ride into Kent, it’s one of my favourite routes which takes in a number of local parks, my secret wild wood, and some beautiful rolling hills surrounded by lush fields.

Here are some of the Lifebook art lessons I have managed to complete recently

This lesson by Carrissa Paige involved collage elements and acrylic paint, it was called ‘An Artsy Abode;
artsy abode lifebook joanne seale painting

This was another Carrissa Paige lesson involving spray inks and contact paper image transfers called ‘Make Shift Magic’
clarissa paige lifebook painting joanne seale

This was an intuitive painting lesson by Tamara Laporte called ‘Exploring Intuition’
exploring intuition lifebook joanne seale painting

And lastly this was a lesson from Micki Wilde called ‘Today is a good day’ using acrylic paints, stencils and I added a few painted paper cuts
today is a good day small lifebook joanne seale painting

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