Fantastic Day in Greenwich

I decided to spend some time in Greenwich (London) today, taking the bus to Blackheath then walking to Greenwich via the park.
I was greeted by this amazing view
photo 2

There was a Tall Ships Festival happening on the River Thames so it was full of vintage craft.

I walked down the hill to the Queen’s House and found some Oriental drummers performing on the lawn

photo 1

Then spent some time inside the galleries of the house where the exhibition ‘Art and Science of Exploration’ was showing.
Afterwards I went to the indoor arts market down the road and got my mum a gorgeous hand painted ceramic vase.
I then popped into mum’s house where I found her cooking me a traditional Jamaican sunday dinner which included loads of her homegrown vegetables.
photo 4
This is chicken fregasse, made with a Broiler or ‘old chicken’ ie it had lived a long time and was very big.
It was cooked in a traditional Dutchy Pot.
We also had homegrown tomato salad with rice and peas, but my mum used homegrown red beans instead of peas.
photo 2-1
photo 1-1
It was really delicious.
My sister Maria was at the same time also having fun at her annual street party on the other side of London. :)

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