Tutorial – Make a cool layered background

I wanted to make a layered background for a new moth lady painting and thought I would show you the process. I use Neocolor II water soluble crayons and acrylic paint in many layers to create an interesting textured base for my paintings.

cool layered background small

Firstly take some Neocolor IIs and cover the page with various colours, I used opaque pastel shades.

Then activate them with water and leave to dry.

add another layer of neocolors and activate them
whilst the layer is still wet dab off some of the pigment with a paper towel or baby wipe.
Then add some stencils and bubble wrap print with thick opaque white acrylic paint or gesso.
Once this layer is thoroughly dry make some thinned down white acrylic or gesso by adding water and use a brayer to cover the page with a thin layer of paint.
go over this page with more neocolor
when this layer is dry add flecks of neocolor by flicking pigment from the neocolor crayon to the page using a wet brush
Then add more stencils using darker coloured acrylic paint, turn the stencil over and use a brayer to transfer paint on the reverse side.
When this layer is thoroughly dry add a layer of thinned down white acrylic paint using a brayer.

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