Self-care = being informed

My self-care journey has been working well, I’m feeling a lot more rested and my head actually feels connected to my body again, sleeping is easier and I’m not waking up in the middle of the night sweating.. :)
I guess when overwhelming events happen in our lives our first reaction is denial, I tend to think that just having a positive outlook will make everything ok.. yes I have a hippy in me :)
But when I realise it’s not working hiding seems to be a better option, usually this means getting a new gadget and becoming consumed by it, I am loving my new iphone.. ;)
But the only thing that will really help is becoming more informed, learning more about the issues affecting me and knowing how and where to get help.

My new painting was originally going to be a woman wearing glasses with reflections of a book and a computer in each of the lenses (to represent seeking advice and information) but the woman turned into a man, and I didn’t want to cover his eyes so painted some trees to represent knowledge, using my much neglected gouache paints.
more below..
being informed painting joanne seale

His skin is a matt brown colour which was a lot easier to paint than shiny dark skin and I made the texture in his hair using paper cuts collaged using gesso, then a layer of black paint. I lightly dabbed the paper cuts with white acrylic to add highlights, then added translucent glimmer mist and dylusions spray inks to give colour and a bit of shine.
The background is Neocolour II water soluble crayon.

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